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Excavator maintenance technology


Regular maintenance of the excavator can reduce the failure of the machine and prolong the service life of the machine; shorten the downtime of the machine; improve work efficiency and reduce operating costs. As long as you manage the fuel, lubricant, water, and air, you can reduce the failure by 70%.

The management of fuel should use different grades of diesel fuel according to different ambient temperatures; diesel can not be mixed with impurities, ash and water, otherwise it will make the fuel pump premature wear; high levels of paraffin and sulfur in the inferior fuel oil will cause damage to the engine; After the daily operation, the fuel tank should be filled with fuel to prevent water droplets on the inner wall of the tank. Before the daily operation, open the drain valve on the bottom of the fuel tank to discharge water.

Management of other oils Other oils include engine oils, hydraulic oils, gear oils, etc.; oils of different grades and grades cannot be mixed; additives of different types of excavator are chemical or physical additives added during the production process. Different; to ensure the use of oil cleaning, to prevent impurities (water, dust, particles, etc.) mixed; according to the ambient temperature and use of oil number. The ambient temperature is high, the oil with high viscosity should be used, and the oil with low viscosity should be used when the ambient temperature is low. The viscosity of the gear oil is relatively large to accommodate a large transmission load, and the viscosity of the hydraulic oil is relatively small to reduce the liquid flow resistance.

Lubricant management uses grease (butter) to reduce wear on the moving surface and prevent noise. When storing and storing grease, do not mix in dust, sand, water and other impurities; it is recommended to use lithium-based grease G2-L1, which has good anti-wear performance and is suitable for heavy load; when filling, it is necessary to squeeze out all the old oil. Wipe clean to prevent sand from adhering.

The maintenance filter of the filter element acts as a filter for impurities in the oil or air path, preventing it from intruding into the system and causing malfunctions; the various filter elements are to be periodically replaced in accordance with the requirements of the (operation and maintenance manual); when replacing the filter element, check for metal. Attached to the old filter element, if any metal particles are found, diagnose and take corrective measures in time; use a genuine filter that meets the specifications of the machine.

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